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Who is Stephanie London?

Stephanie (Waldrip) London is Creative Director/Owner of Waldrip NYC, a high-end women’s wear brand. After studying a Savannah College of Art and Design, London moved to NYC and began her namesake collection in early 2013. At its core, Waldrip is centered around modern designs produced with careful construction. Today, London also acts as a brand consultant, making her an expert in what to look out for in the quality and execution of garments and design.

How did the Gerber by Waldrip collection come to be?

As a young designer, I’m always looking for ways to improve my process. With how quickly the fashion industry is moving combined with how much I travel, I needed to really evaluate my process and look for ways to save time. When I heard about what Gerber was able to able to offer, I was eager to test it out. With Gerber’s help, I was able to get more done without sacrificing the quality and value of my garment.

Gerber by Waldrip Collection utilizing AccuMark

What was your design and development process like before using Gerber’s end-to-end solution?

Before I worked with Gerber, I had to use a paper pattern and spent a lot of time making modifications. My process was very time-consuming. With Gerber, I was able to easily keep track of sketches and all parts of my production process with YuniquePLM®, which gave me more time to focus on design. Gerber’s software made design simple by being able to develop patterns in AccuMark® 2D and watch them come to life in 3D. Quality is incredibly important to me and being able to see accurate samples on my screen really helped me, not only save time, but also make sure my garments fit properly.

How does Gerber’s workflow help make the printing and cutting process hassle-free?

Printing and cutting were easy with Gerber. Gerber’s workflow actually makes digital printing simple with a device called PrintSync that connects to the GERBERcutter® Z1. The device makes the print-to-cut transition seamless. I was able to use their planning software, AccuPlan™, to really maximize the amount of fabric I was using before I cut, as well as their vision scanning system that ensured a precisely cut part every time. After planning I was able to use a barcode to pass my cut file to the GERBERcutter. The barcode had all the data needed to ensure that my pieces were cut exactly as I desired.

As a designer, what are some of the biggest benefits of having a fully integrated solution?

As a designer, in order to be competitive, you need to be ahead of the game. However, with trends constantly changing as quickly as they do, it can be difficult to keep up. With Gerber, I was able to design and develop a garment that was up to my standards in very little time. More designers should look into adding technology to their process because it, not only lets you develop styles faster but it also improves quality.

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