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Founded in 1988, Longratex has developed from being a subcontractor to a successful brand developer and manufacturer. The Portugal-based company manufactures baby, children’s and women’s clothing for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, which includes over 600 retail stores in Portugal and the UK. In addition, the company also successfully manages its own baby and children’s brand, Patachou, and women’s wear brand, Sophia Kah. By leveraging Gerber Technology’s 2D/3D CAD fashion design software, AccuMark®, sophisticated cut planning solution, AccuPlan™, and nesting solution, AccuNest™, Longratex is fully prepared to take on the next challenge: customization.

"Integrating our cutting room with the AccuMark Platform was essential when we decided to launch our own brands seven years ago. We needed an integrated solution to increase productivity and responsiveness."

- Paulo Campos
General Manager, Longratex

 Longratex integrates CAD room with cutting room

The Challenge:

With decades of experience in mass production, Longratex is ready to take on the challenge of customization. With the demand for customized products continuing to grow at a rapid rate, it’s important for manufacturers to have a flexible and agile workflow that allows for both on-demand and mass production.

Longtratex utilizes AccuMark fashion CAD software


Longratex credits much of their success to having a supportive technology partner who is there to guide them every step of the way. With Gerber Technology’s integrated software solutions, Longratex is able to shorten production cycles and accelerate time to market, allowing them to respond quickly to specific orders rather than produce for supply. The company utilizes Gerber’s AccuMark 2D and 3D for virtual prototyping, allowing them to easily share their ideas with their partners while also reducing the number of physical samples needed to perfect the fit and style of the final garment. In addition, the company also uses Gerber’s powerful cut planning software, AccuPlan, to optimize production and overall efficiency.

Longratex adopts Gerber's on-demand and mass production workflow


  • Increased productivity by 50%.
  • Improved fabric economy by 3-5%.
  • Boosted efficiency by about 50%.
  • Increased material utilization by up to 3%.
  • Optimized production with a cut order planning system.
  • Able to respond to specific order rather than produce to supply.


Gerber has given us reason to believe that it remains the right technology partner to support us in this new digital era.

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