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Klaussner Home Furnishings has become a leading furniture provider, producing high-quality custom-made furniture for more than 50 years. Klaussner created a vertically-integrated furniture powerhouse capable of producing multiple product lines sourced from around the globe. The company provides furniture to several large retailers, including Bloomingdales and Macy’s.

Klaussner achieves some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. "We fulfill a lot of orders that consist of one or two pieces," said Delk. "That's just the way the business is these days. And, we have to be able to fulfill these orders quickly and generate a profit." Klaussner manages nearly three million patterns that have been created over the years. At any point in time, the company warehouses nearly 950,000 yards of 600 different fabrics.

"The knowledge and experience of the sales and service staff is one of the primary reasons we’ve been with Gerber for so long. What’s more, the equipment just works."

- Henry Delk Jr.


The Challenge:

Years ago, Klaussner relied solely on large volume orders. Sensing a change in the marketplace, the company shifted focus and operations to accommodate small runs and mass-customized products. The company needed a way to accelerate assembly processes, manage and maintain its vast number of patterns, and limit the growing number of worker’s compensation claims resulting from hand cutting.


The Solution:

By automating their fabric upholstery and leather cutting processes, Klaussner was able to train cutter operators in only a few weeks, compared to several months for hand cutting. They also implemented numerous Gerber products, including AccuMark® pattern design software and AccuNest nesting software.

The Benefits:

Automated design and cutting helped Klaussner improve productivity and material savings, and dramatically decrease lead times. Key benefits are:

  • With fewer workers cutting leather hides, the company has considerably reduced worker’s compensation claims. They have never experienced an injury with the Taurus leather cutter.
  • With more efficient nesting programs and accurate cutting, material utilization improved significantly.
  • The DCS 2500 cutter has decreased upholstery cutting times by 66 percent, when compared to manual cutting.
  • AccuNest’s automated marker making software will provide a return on investment in only three months.

With improved material yields, we expect to see a return on investment in just three months.

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