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Best Home Furnishings was established in Ferdinand, Indiana in 1962 with one goal in mind: make the best quality product at the most affordable price. Today, it’s one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world with a commitment to quality and the total satisfaction of their customers. Best Home Furnishings has been a Gerber Technology client and partner since 1996.

Speed to market is a critical differentiator for many furniture companies. Being able to customize, produce and deliver high quality products in a shortened period of time is the key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Best Home Furnishing runs a very quick schedule, and one of their best qualities is their speed of delivery. It’s very important for them to respond to customers as quickly as possible. They build everything as a sold unit, holding nothing in stock, so they need to respond to customers very quickly. Embracing digitization and integrating systems would enable them to automate processes, streamline data transfer and workflows, gather insight at any step of the process, maximize throughput, minimize errors and reduce labor costs.

"We build everything as a sold unit (nothing from stock) so speed of delivery is critical. With Gerber's intregrated solutions, from AccuMark to AccuNest to the cutting room floor, we can respond to our customers' needs quickly."

- Mike, Cutting  Floor Supervisor

Best Home Furnishings

The Challenge:

The process in the past required manual process which needed more skilled labor and could only offer extended delivery times.

The Solution:

Using Gerber’s Digital and Automation Solutions has allowed Best Home Furnishings to create furniture pieces from design to production in the time needed to keep their customers happy. Best Home Furnishings uses a number of Gerber solutions, including AccuMark®, AccuNest™, the MP Series Plotter and our Gerber Paragon® to cut upholstery and Taurus™ II to cut leather. Combining these solutions with Gerber’s three-tiered service has helped keep costs down and has minimized downtime.

The Benefits:

With Gerber’s Digital Solutions Best Home Furnishing has picked up 2-3% on fabric utilization and a 30-35% improvement in throughput. The versatility of the programs and how they integrate with various products throughout the organization has allowed them to continue to offer quality products, timely. Key benefits are:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Precisely cut parts
  • Minimize labor requirements
  • Rapid return on investment
  • More uptime
  • Increased product capacity
  • Improved material utilization

The versatility of the programs and how they integrate with other products throughout our process is very important.

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