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Who is Lex Scheffel/APM?

I’ve been around the fashion industry since I was born. My father was a tailor so growing up in the garment industry piqued my interest in fashion. I followed in his footsteps and took a 4-year training course to become a tailor. Unfortunately, my father passed away at a young age so I decided to continue his legacy at the age of 17. 

After a career of managing a large pattern department for a major fashion brand in the Netherlands, I founded APM Europe in 2004. I work with many brands in the Netherlands and several international companies. 

What made you decide to integrate technology into your workflow?

In the early stages of the company, I was creating all patterns and samples by hand, which took a lot of time and effort. In 2005, I began to make the leap to digitalization through a 5-day training on Gerber Technology’s AccuMark 2D. After attending the training, I was convinced that technology would be the future of fashion.

Initially I thought “I'll never learn this”, but I was able to quickly pick it up. First I thought maybe I was too old (71) but I quickly let go of that idea. I knew I had to do this not only for myself, but also for future generations.

What motivated you to adopt 3D right now?

I have always been curious about 3D but with the COVID pandemic, I finally had the time to fully immerse myself into 3D pattern development. I hope to use AccuMark 3D to make my blazers, jackets and pants digitally while improving fit and quality. I also hope that by integrating 3D, I’ll be able to connect with the younger generation. 


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Photo credit: P&I Productions, The Netherlands

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