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Workwear manufacturer, AFM Distribution, is an apparel manufacturer who offers services for large, primarily German, businesses. The Albanian company prides itself on quality manufacturing and their ability to meet deadlines. In 2015, AFM received the ISO 9001 Certification, which is awarded to companies who consistently provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements. They later went on to be one of the first Albanian companies to achieve Business Social Compliance Initiative Certification for their commitment to ethical business practices.

"The GERBERcutter provides maximum precision, especially when cutting notches and holes."

- Mr. Besnik Myftari
CEO, AFM Distribution

The Challenge:

Over the last few years, AFM Distribution has experienced tremendous success. Today, the company is ready to pursue more ambitious goals and is looking to enter the competitive export markets. AFM management identified price and product quality as the key to being successful in the export market. In order for AFM Distribution to ensure they are offering the best quality and price for each of the 60,000 garments they develop per month, they need a solution that is able to increase efficiency and speed without sacrificing the quality that AFM has become known for.


AFM Distribution has leveraged Gerber Technology’s integrated solutions to deliver quality products to their customer base on time and on budget. The company’s manufacturing site in Vora is equipped with the GERBERspreader™ XLs50 and the Gerber Paragon® HX which help cut as many as 1,800 parts per shift, assuring quality from the first layer of fabric to the last. The Vora manufacturing site also utilizes Gerber’s industry-leading software solutions including the robust pattern design software, AccuMark®, the powerful cut planning solution, AccuPlan™ and automated nesting software, AccuNest™, allowing data to be seamlessly passed from CAD to the cut room without the need for manual entry

Longratex adopts Gerber's on-demand and mass production workflow


  • Improved profitability by 25%, allowing the company to invest more in staff training and specialization.
  • Reduced production times and improved quality by 25%.
  • Improved material utilization.
  • Drastically reduced labor costs.
  • Can cut 1,800 parts in a single shift.


Our decision to choose Gerber Technology has proven to be the right choice, especially for service, which is always on hand to guides us through any operational issues we may face.

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