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What’s new in YuniquePLM.  

We're updating YuniquePLM regularly. The below entries are a selection of the new enhancements that are available within the full set of release notes. Check back here regularly to see the latest improvements and newest features.

V8.2 March 2019

Wildcard Search
We have added the ability to perform Wildcard Searches across all application search pages.  This allows you to use wildcard operations when searching: (?) will find single character selections, Example: R?d will find Red, Y??k will find York. (*) will find an unlimited number of characters, Example: R*d will find Red, Read, Road etc. (“”) will find exact search, Example: “Red” will only return Red.

Sample Requests
We have added the ability to generate Sample Request printouts asynchronously. This allows you to continue working while your printout is generated. You will receive a notification once the printout is completed and ready for viewing.

Application General
We have further enhanced the panels/pages to make them easier for you to see which page is actively being looked at or selected. This is based on feedback that we’ved received since launching v8.

Style Folder
We have included a new application setting that allows an administrator to change the Image Resolution within Tech Pack printouts. This will only be applied to newly created Tech Packs.

Style Folder
We have added a new application setting that will allow Material Attachments to automatically be added to a style attachments page when the material is added to a style’s BOM.

BI Folder
We have added a new report called ‘Tech Pack Tracking’ that allows you to track tech packs that have been shared with partners via srmOn and their status.

Style Folder
We have added a new field on the Seasonal Colorway page of the style that allows you to capture a Colorway Marketing Name.


V8.1 February 2019

New User Interface (UI)
YuniquePLM V8 has a new user interface!  We have added a new UI to a number of core application areas. We will continue to develop and rollout additional application areas with each update. Learn more with our V8 Quick Start Guide.

Quick Sample Module
We have added a new module that allows users to create a “Quick Sample”. These are sample requests that are not directly tied to styles and can be requested with only a little information. This also integrates with AccuMark and AccuMark 3D.

TrueFit Integration
YuniquePLM now offers a direct integration with TrueFit. This allows clients to seamlessly share their product and measurement data with TrueFit once a Measurement workflow page is approved.

Direct Access
We have added a new desktop utility for both Mac and PC that will allow you to directly access Images and other digital assets from YuniquePLM without having to download them in the software of your choice.

3D Viewer
We have added a new way to view AccuMark 3D and standard 3D files within our Quick Sample Module. This allows you to directly view a 3D file on screen and make annotations against it.

Drag and Drop Upload
We have added the ability to directly drag and drop files to upload into YuniquePLM. You will find this when creating images or adding an attachment.

Smart Guide
We have added a new integrated training tool into YuniquePLM called Smart Guide. This interactive tutorial tool will teach users about functions within the application.


V7.8 November 2018

Application Configuration
Updated EAV configurations when Field Label changes made to one style folder/style type no longer automatically applies to other style folder/style types.

Users can now search by color code or name within the Material Color popup on the BOM colorway. We’ve also implemented paging to reduce system load time.

Application Configuration
Updated the EAV functionality within the Control Panel Care Template to allow EAV changes made within the template to also be reflected in the Style.

Adobe Plugin
Enabled asynchronous uploads which allows the user to continue working while the application continues to process the uploaded images.

Application Configuration
Added EAV configurations within the Style Folder Sourcing Quote/Commitment Grid.

Color Folder
Updated the Pantone® TPG Color library to include missing colors for a total of 2,310 colors.


V7.7 July 2018

Control Panel, Measurement Page
The Control Panel now contains a new Fraction Conversion page which allows a user to define any Fraction to Decimal values that may be needed as part of the user’s measurements and grading. Example Support for 32nds.

Admin Folder
The new system configuration setting StyleMaterialsReadFromLib, located in the Admin Folder, auto updates the BOM Material information once the material header is saved within the material folder. Batch Update is not required for this setting to work.

Partners who have access to shared workflow pages can create and edit the measurement and text-image workflow pages directly in srmOn. This is available when the new system setting is enabled, EnableSrmOnPageAddAndEdit.

Control Panel, Style Folder, Workflow
An Admin can predefine sub-workflow pages within the Control Panel > Dev Workflow area for use as default workflows pages when a Style is created.

Control Panel, Style Folder, Tech Pack
Users can now designate printout options when creating a Style sub-workflow page. This will override a predefined tech pack page selection.

Line List
A new Sample Request Header Flash Edit allows the user to mass edit sample request header information for Styles included in the Line List.

Batch Queue
The Batch Queue area now allows users to download multiple Tech Packs at once after mass creating Tech Packs.

Sample Request, Style Measurement
The stated workflow areas now contain the excel export functionality.

User Profile
The user profile page now provides a button directly linking the user to the Gerber Community site.

Application Configuration
The Style Bill of Material workflow page is now configurable.

Application Configuration
The Style Care workflow page is now configurable.


V7.6 May 2018

Control Panel, Material Folder, Style Care
The Care Control Panel entries have been updated to include a rank order function. The Material Folder now includes a Care page option which allows you to fill in care detail against each material. The Style Care workflow page has been updated to include a Select BOM button, which will populate the Care page detail based on the chosen BOM.

Measurement Page
When creating or selecting a Measurement Template on the Style Measurement workflow page, a user will now have a filtered list of templates based on the Size Range and Size Class from the style header. The user can then change the search filter to see other options.

Admin Folder
New system configuration AutoPageApproved setting applies to the Style Workflow subpages. When enabled, it determines whether the main bubble is approved based on one approval, and when all bubbles are approved, the main bubble will also be approved.

Admin Folder
New system configuration PC1-4 setting applies to the Style Header. When enabled, it allows the user to replace the default name for the 1st set and so on, when using multiple sets.

Admin Folder
New system configuration DisabledMaterialColorPending setting applies to the Material Folder. When enabled, colors are directly added to the material by skipping the pending option.

Admin Folder
New system configuration DisableBOMPending setting applies to the Style BOM page. When enabled, materials are directly added to a style by skipping the pending option.

BI Folder
The BI Folder contains a new report named “Style Summary and Status” which includes new filters like style status, sample status, etc.

Material Folder
Users can create material size templates and use them with materials that require defined sizes. For example, Material Type = Trims.

Sample Request
Every Sample Request and Material Request now includes a system generated sample reference number, located within the header.

Style Folder
The BOL Control Panel and BOL Style workflow page now includes the SAM (Standard Allowed Minutes) field to define the time at operation level.

Style Folder
The Style Folder’s Text-Image workflow page now includes a Text-Only and Image-Only option.


V7.5 March 2018

Style Calendar
Users no longer need to link a Calendar for the Planned Start, Planned End, Actual Start and Actual End date columns to populate. This will now pull directly from the associated workflow page regardless if a calendar is associated or not.

Application Configurations
The Sourcing area now offers users the ability to configure fields for quotes and commitments while determining which fields are available through srmOn. This also includes the ability to add basic calculations within its respective fields.

The quotation palette button functionality has been removed to simplify the quote creation process. The quick quote function allows a user to add quotes in mass whereas the quotation palette only allowed one quote at a time.

The first three columns (Material Image, Material Number and Material Name) within the BOM Edit area are frozen, allowing the user to view and modify the designated material fields even when scrolling to the right side of the page.

Application Configurations
Creating a New field within an EAV form, which is linked to other pages, now allows users to apply the same new fields to multiple pages. This works the same as using the Add function.

Control Panel
Added a new feature to sort predefined Tech Packs within the Predefined Tech Pack Control Panel. This will reflect when creating new Predefined Tech Packs within the Style folder.

Style Folder
Multipage workflow printouts for Freelance Design, Construction Detail, Bill of Labor, Care and Text-Image now display a user-designated name in the upper right-hand corner.

Measurement Page
Added new system setting EnableAlternateCodeColumn which displays the alternate measurement name as a separate column on the style measurement page.

Material Folder
Added material price conversion support for Purchase UOM and BOM UOM. For example: Purchased thread in Cones UOM but used on the BOM as CM UOM.


V7.4 January 2018

BI Reports
The BI Report folder now allows users to save preferred search parameters for future reference. The user makes a selection within each filter, then ensures the save parameters option is checked and finally produces the reports by selecting View Reports. The saved filter parameters is shown upon the user’s return to the BI report folder.

Type Management
Admins can now create new Sample Request Statuses based off of existing statuses. The application logic will match the original status that it was created from. Example: Copying ‘Approved’ status to create a new ‘Approved for fit’ status will mimic the same application functionality as the out of the box ‘Approved’ status.

Sample Request
Added a new Application Setting, ‘OutOfToleranceAutoFitCommentsOnly’, when enabled will only generate AutoFit comments for POMs that are out of tolerance. When disabled, it generates AutoFit comments for all POMS that do not match the original requested value regardless if they are in or out of tolerance.

Sample Request
Users can now name the “On-The-Fly” Sample Request preview. This name will be displayed within the Style Tech Pack areas if the ‘SaveSamplePrintoutsToTechPack’ Application Setting is enabled.

Measurement Folder
YuniquePLM offers users the ability to add measurement workflow comments to the following print previews: Measurement Graded Spec, Imperial and Metric reports.

Measurement Folder
All measurement previews, appearing on the Measurement workflow page, now include a critical POM indicator.

Sample Request
Added two new landscape sample request photos – print options for our standard sample requests.

Users have the ability to add AI images to a Sample Request within srmOn.


V7.3 September 2017

Material Folder
Users can now predefine size selections across multiple size ranges for each material, within the Material Folder - Material Groups area. This makes the process for creating Dimensional Bill of Materials easier allowing the user to predefine the size selections for each material size combination.

Application (General)
Users can add an optional expiration date when adding attachments in the following Attachment areas: Color Palettes, Images, Materials, Material Requests, Styles, Style Sample Requests. This detail is used as part of a new Attachments Tracking report.

BI Folder
Added a new Sample Request Tracking report that allows users to see sample requests at a detailed level. Users can now generate sample requests at a detailed level with the new Sample Request Tracking report.

Control Panel
Size Range now offers users the ability to define International regions and the applicable size translations for the currently worked on size range. These fields can be displayed when printing Measurement Workflow pages.

Sample Request
Users have the ability to upload and display Adobe® Illustrator® images within the Sample Request - photos tab. Keep in mind these images will not be available to edit through the Markup tool.

Admin Folder
Users can now enable or disable the Style Details tab within a style type - style header. This new flag can be found within the Type Management - Style Type section of the Admin folder.

Measurement Page
The Style Measurement Workflow page now provides users with the option to choose between breaking the link of a POM description, Grade Rules and Tolerance or both.

Admin Folder
Users now have access to a new style BOM Permission setting which controls the Bill of Material – Quick Add and Quick Search functions.

The colorway color pitching now carries over if the colorways match when copying materials from one BOM to another.

Tech Pack
Users have the option to select a Tech Pack for a Style Cover Page with comments or create a Tech Pack with no cover page.

BI Folder
Added a new BI report that allows users to see the Style BOM and Colorway information.

Admin Folder
The Permission Group setup now sorts the application area in alphabetical order.

Users can now reposition the color pitching options window within the BOM.

BI Folder
Added a new Expiration date tracking report for application attachments.


V7.2 July 2017

Sample Request
Added a new app setting feature, named SamplePhotoMaxFilesLimit, which allows you to define the maximum number of photos that can be uploaded.

Style SKU
Users can now use the swap colorway function on the BOM color way without losing the original Color/SKU information on the Style SKU page.

Sample Request
The Sample Request print options, sample photos, have been updated to minimize the header detail and maximize the image to print.

General Application
Improved system performance when loading data within grids across the application. Example: Style search grid.

Sample Request
Updated the sort functionality to give users the ability to drag and drop into their desired order.

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