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What’s new in AccuMark.  

We're updating AccuMark regularly. The below entries are a selection of the new enhancements that are available within the full set of release notes. Check back here regularly to see the latest improvements and newest features.

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V12.2 September 2019

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Copy & Paste Between Work Areas in PDS
Users can copy a pattern(s) from one work area to another using customizable hotkeys. This new feature allows the user to quickly and easily compare or copy grade/annotations from one pattern to another without having to open the pattern in the second work area. 

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Enhanced Pattern Walking Function
Users can now change the walk direction of just the last selected segment when walking patterns which allows for more flexibility when walking. User can also disable the highlight of walking pieces to better distinguish between pattern pieces when walking.

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Digital Print - Apply Preview
Allows user to make changes to print image size and placement and preview on pattern without having to close the edit dialog box. User can make changes and instantly view the updates on pieces.

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Barcodes & QR Codes for Digital Prints
Users can now add barcodes and QR codes to seam allowances of digitally printed patterns. This new feature gives users a modern method of pattern tracking with digital printing.

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PDF Image Type Supported for Digital Printing
PDF image type can now be used for digital printing. This new feature supports spot colors of the PDF image to give users perfect representation of PDF image.

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Proportional Grading
We’ve added the ability to grade pieces proportionally using either linear or percentage values. Great new feature to help automate the grading process for companies that grade proportionally.

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Import Multiple Zip Files
We have added the ability to import several zip files at the same time using the Ctrl and Shift keys. This new feature provides time savings for users who import many zip files daily.

Double Notch Feature
Create double notches quickly and easily to differentiate parts and save time. Also added a feature to notch more than one pattern at a time!

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