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What’s new in AccuMark.  

We're updating AccuMark regularly. The below entries are a selection of the new enhancements that are available within the full set of release notes. Check back here regularly to see the latest improvements and newest features.

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August 2021 - AccuMark
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Reduce Buffering with No Lift Slit Notches
A new Gerber notch type has been created to maintain exceptional cut quality and maximum material savings. By removing the lift and plunge point from this notch, Gerber cutters can  quickly pivot the knife to notch without risk of heel cuts into adjacent pieces. By reducing the traditional buffer with slit notches, the No Lift Slit Notch is an excellent integrated option in AccuMark to drive efficient cut data. NLSN pivots the knife in the direction of the digitized slit. It can be used for slits that are less than 5 mm in depth. Notches larger than 5 mm should use the standard Slit Notch type so that the depth can be controlled.

Get Organized with Bundle Groups in AccuMark (Kitting)
Need to create a subassembly of parts in production? Bundle groups are the solution for you!  This new feature in the AccuMark model groups pieces for production picking/kitting allowing part groups to be identified by specific colors throughout development and cutting. Pieces can now be easily grouped and sent to specific work groups for completion!

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Personalize Products Using Replace Image in MTM
Combine AccuMark’s Made to Measure automation to create custom garments with surface design personalization and the result is a powerful workflow creating on demand products consumers want! In the August 2021 release, XML image replacement files are supported in MTM allowing logos and trims to be exchanged at the order level all while maintaining defined placements for all customized sizes.

Nest Efficient Costing Markers through AccuNest
Maximize material savings and generate accurate cost analysis seamlessly in Pattern Design by utilizing AccuNest powerful nesting engine! Combining the powerful automation of Costing Marker and AccuNest, you can quickly determine the ideal product mix providing better communication from development to production.

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New Connections to YuniquePLM
Linking models to YuniquePLM has never been simpler! We now have a direct option to add a model directly from Pattern Design or the Model Editor. This key feature allows a patternmaker to stay in the development tool yet share critical data through YuniquePLM.

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New Modern Interface Introduction
Refreshed new software design, part of an ongoing project to modernize the appearance of the software, while improving user productivity. The update provides a simpler design with less visual clutter, allowing our users to focus on the task at hand.

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Learn What’s New with In Product Notifications
AccuMark In Product Notifications provide you the information you need in the applications where you work! Sign up to receive quick notifications on the latest software updates, upcoming events and webinars. It’s never been easier to take advantage of the resources AccuMark offers!


August 2021 - AccuMark 3D
Watch the AccuMark 2D & 3D Webinar

Updated Export 3D Simulation
The Export Simulation function has been improved to provide more options to configure the exported file so that it is more efficiently used in 3rd party applications such as Keyshot. There are now options to export the simulation with or without the avatar or accessories and also options for how the UV map is created. In addition, Trim Images and Edge Trim Images are included when exporting a simulation to YuniquePLM.

New Avatar Editor and T-Pose
A new avatar editor is available that supports modifying avatar measurements and then saving with options for starting and ending poses. Either the ‘A’ or ‘T’ pose can be selected for the starting pose. The final pose can be Standing Relaxed, Contrapposto, Sitting, Driver, Standing Driver or A-Pose.

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Apply and Change Fabrics Directly on Simulation
Fabric images can now be placed and edited directly on the 3D simulation.  This enables graphic placement for all image types; fabric, trim and edge trim images.

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August 2021 - AccuNest
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Nest additional data types
In addition to AccuMark Marker data, AccuNest can now nest dxf or nc cut files directly! Achieve even higher utilization with your external data by allowing AccuNest to renest pieces to achieve even more savings!


August 2021 - AccuPlan
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Block Fuse Automated Workflow
Add multiple fuse blocks to one fusible marker to decrease the ply count and increase the fabric utilization. Choose the position of the fuse block on the main marker, at the end, at the beginning or placed randomly according to the utilization. Generate rectangular or automatic (organic) block shapes with just one click.

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Database Report
Any work order, cut plan or cut job, fabric and roll information can be not only tracked in AccuPlan Explorer, but all of them can be output to a PDF or a CSV report with all the details included. Output everything, what you see in the grid. Modify the report content by setting the visibility of the information in the Edit Configuration dialog of each header row.

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Sectional marker information stored in the Cut Ticket
Cut Tickets now include the information about sections with multiple colors and spreads that are recognized by the XL125-Spreader. Make merged markers in one even spread or stepped spreads.

Create a Color Database
Users can now map color (codes) names with fabric type in the Color Definition dialog to display customized colors in the Order grid, Step 2 - Fabrics, Marker Plan, Spread Plan, but also in AccuPlan Explorer. The color definition can easily be exported and imported by another user.

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Marker state auto-update
No more manual marker state update! Markers’ status are automatically notified, when jobs are submitted to AccuNest and/or Batch Queues, which allows users to have full visibility on remote systems. Both the marker state icon and the marker preview are auto-updated according to the settings.

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Customized Summary Report
Create only one summary report! A customized one from all report types by combining them into one and modifying the content. The report can be previewed and printed out as a PDF file, or generate a CSV file for any further modification in any data editor.

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Support for Adobe Illustrator Native Ai Files
Adobe Illustrator native format Ai files can be placed as images directly within AccuMark pieces, allowing designers to work within the industry leading graphic program and maintain only one file type. This key differentiator coupled with our linked image library folders ensures artwork is only placed once and updated automatically through any design changes.

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Enhanced Label ID
A new bundle ID display option has been added to the image label so that digitally printed goods can be recognized within groups through the production process. As the options available continue to expand, the selection has been reconfigured to mimic the annotation editor. This brings consistency in functionality and allows the user to easily adapt to different production methods like On Demand or Mass Production.

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Automate Personalization of Digital Prints
CSV import is a powerful tool that allows integration from ERP systems to AccuMark for automated production processing and now includes personalization with colorways and image replacement. This ability to replace images on the fly for digital printing is a game changer by allowing companies to drastically minimize development efforts!

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Batch Processing Destination Storage Area
A new entry in the Batch Options allows the completed Markers to be automatically stored in a different destination storage area. The marker orders are processed and then once the tasks to place the marker, generate plot and/or cut files have completed, the Markers can be automatically moved.

Online Help
A new online help resource is available within the Help tab for all AccuMark programs.  This feature directly connects you to our online help URL,,  that showcases not only AccuMark functions but information on the entire Gerber software suite including AccuMark 3D, AccuPlan and others!

Filter Piece Selection in Pattern Design
Navigate the Pattern Design work area to quickly locate and isolate specific pieces to apply pattern modifications. The new filter allows users to quickly identify the needed pieces especially when many pieces are placed in the work area.

Batch - Auto Delete
To automatically manage the Batch queue, a new setting has been added allowing users to define a value for clearing completed jobs from the view. Users have the ability to define the automatic setting to remove jobs after a specified time or after a certain number of jobs.


February 2021 - AccuMark 3D

Improved Graphic Development on 3D Simulations
Placing and manipulating graphic placement using a 3D simulation is highly effective. The process is even more effective now with the support of Edge Trim images. Edge Trims can now be placed or copied directly on the simulation in addition to adding them on 2D patterns. In addition, new design and guidelines can be interactively created on the 3D simulation which directly can be used for Edge Trims. These images can be used to represent stitching or other design details.

New Control for Simulation Speed
A new slider is now available that allows you to fine tune the setting between Fast Performance and High Quality. This improves the ease of use by eliminating the need to choose an engine and gives you direct control over the simulation results. In addition, the Alternate engine has been removed eliminating the need to choose an engine. The Avametric is now the only available engine ensuring the best results.

Render Preview
High quality renders are now easier to create with the new render preview window. The new render preview window allows you to interactively see the effects of the different rendering options for lighting presets, light intensity, background color or transparency and viewing angle. The results can then be easily saved and shared with partners and used for various development, merchandising and sales purposes.

Run Fabric Test
The Run Fabric Test function let’s you test the drape of a selected fabric in order to understand the effects of the  physical properties of the selected fabric. A fabric swatch is draped over a virtual table letting you see the results of the drape. Physical fabric properties can be modified in order to modify the fabric drape.

Digitize Line Mirror Option on a Simulation
Creating new lines directly on a simulation has now been updated with an option to specify the line label. This allows control over whether the new line will be added to the mirrored half of the piece if a mirror label is selected for the new line.


February 2021 - AccuNest

Create Bumplines Automatically
A new setting can add bump lines between sections, allowing clear communication with the cutting room, especially critical for step spreads. When this new checkbox is enabled, the bump line is automatically created as the AccuMark marker is stored following nesting.

Group Placement
Users can now define pieces in groups to allow them to be flipped or rotated together, maintaining a relationship between them to ensure quality when the pieces are sewn together, especially critical for fabrics with nap or directional prints.


February 2021 - AccuPlan
Watch the AccuPlan Webinar

Advanced Spread Plan Module
This revamped workspace allows you to work smarter and easier than ever before! The new mechanism of roll allocation provides a smarter way to identify those rolls that are relevant to given spreads. This new mechanism allows you to interact with the roll allocation process in a way that the system filters out those rolls that can be allocated to the spread of your choice. Also, you now can sort rolls by color, supplier, ID or remaining length while allocating on spreads. The smarter roll allocation system automatically tracks used rolls and links them to other cut plans sharing the same roll(s).

Cut Tickets Improvements
Several improvements have been made to Cut Tickets when generated from AccuPlan: now Batch Processing can bypass marking and regenerate new cut tickets for existing markers; Spreader and Cutter ID configurations have been added in order to streamline the communication between AccuPlan (and Cut Gen in AccuMark) and the Spreader and Cutter machines as a two distinct ways to categorize fabrics in the Spreader and the Cutter machines as Material IDs.

New Cut Plan Calculation Strategies
Three new cut plan strategies have been added to Cut Plan Options to enhance the prompt solution when working on specific product types, particularly in the fast fashion cycle: automatically generate cut jobs with at least one marker including all sizes and/or maximizing bundle count to be cut per spread, as well as planning in funnel sequence (grouping sizes smallest with largest).

AccuNest Integration
When sending new generated markers by AccuPlan to AccuNest,  orders and markers are automatically created in AccuMark for multiple cut plans and cut jobs at the same time.

User Based Licensing
This new license type is now available for AccuPlan. Users will be able to log in via email, USB key or a network license.

October 2020 - AccuMark

Send to AccuNest
A new option has been added to Send an open Marker to AccuNest directly from Easy Marking. This allows users to place pieces and store in Easy Marking, then Send to AccuNest so that the automated nesting program can complete the marker placement. If you do not currently have AccuNest as part of your AccuMark Family software, contact your local Gerber sales representative to arrange a demonstration of this powerful automated nesting tool. 

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Storage Area Selection in Batch Processing
New with this version, flexibility has been added to allow users to define a different Storage Area when submitting jobs. The Storage Area selection can be made when Adding a Job and Importing CSV files. If the Storage Area was defined when submitting from a source such as AccuPlan, that information from the original submission is maintained to allow the order/marker to be processed as originally created.

New Help Resources
A Learn & Support dialog is now available upon the launch of both Pattern Design and Easy Marking, providing access to video tutorials as well as links to resources for support and common questions. A new Help tab has also been added to provide direct access to these resources while working within the AccuMark applications.

Model Sorting Options
New piece sorting option has been added to allow users to confirm information, such as all pieces intended to be selected have indeed been added to the model.

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October 2020 - AccuMark 3D

High Quality Rendering in Export Image and Export Turntable
Better Visual Sampling - Make decisions more quickly based on high fidelity 3D virtual samples
AccuMark 3D’s rendering engine has been upgraded with a high quality, real-time render engine which provides a better quality export of images and turntables. High quality rendering is available for both Export Image and Export Turntable. Simulate the looks for specific environments. For example, lighting settings can be configured to simulate sunlight. There are four options for lighting models; Sunny, Cloudy, Evening and Studio.

Gain finer control over simulations with Pins

The Pin function (Previously in Blender) has been migrated into PDS, allowing users to create pins and tack a piece to the avatar while interacting with a simulation. For example, a pant waist can be pinned at the waist if the waist is currently too big to sit at the natural waist location. Pins can be used to gain greater control over the results of the simulation, for example if loose straps are sliding down the shoulders of the avatar.

Access to YKK 3D Zipper Pull Library
Better Visual Sampling: Provide additional garment details with 3D zipper pulls from YKK
A library of YKK zipper pulls is now included with AccuMark 3D. The Import Accessory function in the Avatar window toolbar can be used to apply the 3D zippers. Move/Scale/Rotate Accessory can then be used to resize and position the zipper heads on the simulation. Delete Accessory can be used to remove any unwanted 3D accessories.

Support for Alvanon Body Platform
Ensure correct fit by leveraging the Alvanon Body Platform to access and import brand avatars for your virtual samples. In addition to physical dress forms Alvanon provides corresponding digital avatars for use with 3D. Alvanon provides a web platform where the digital avatars can be downloaded and then used with AccuMark 3D.

Support for 3D Material Attributes in PLM Material Database
Leverage 3D material attributes from PLM: Collaboration and Data Connectivity
3D material attributes (including physical properties as well as visual color and textures) can be added directly to the fabric table/model using the PLM Material Lookup.

Digitize Line on Simulation
Create markup lines and draw interactively on simulations for pattern adjustments
Lines can now be drawn directly in 3D on a simulation (this capability was previously in Blender) in PDS. Lines can be used to indicate locations for pattern changes or new style lines.


October 2020 - AccuNest

Generate Splices Directly
Automatically and  directly prepare files for the cutting room by providing critical spreading information as the marker is saved. This new setting in the AccuNest nesting dialog will reduce steps and improve production automation.

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Create a Restricted Shade Zone
Users can now have even better control of automatic piece placement by defining areas of the marker that certain pieces are now allowed.

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Create an Empty Shade Zone
Improve the quality of cut pieces by identifying non usable areas of fabric, preventing pieces from being placed in flawed areas.

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February 2020 - AccuMark

 Download the Full Release Notes

Digital Print - Colorways
This new feature allows users to assign different colorways to one model, therefore eliminating the need to store a separate copy of the model with each different fabric used for digital printing. There is no limit to the number of colorways that can be assigned to one model, which allows users endless options for fabrics and colors. Colorways are also easy to update and change on a model. Colorways can be viewed in 3D as well for visual confirmation of image placement on the patterns. 

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Delete Grade Point Function
Users have always been able to remove grade points from pieces, but this new function allows users to remove multiple grade points by selecting an entire piece or drawing a marque box around several points/pieces to remove many grade points at one time. The new function reduces the number of steps needed and saves time when removing grade points. 

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Image Library Added to AccuMark Explorer
Images that are linked to AccuMark data from the image library reduce the file size of the data and allow artwork changes to quickly update across multiple models. Visual feedback in the AccuMark Explorer eliminates the need to review image files in separate graphics programs to identify color space, size and resolution. 

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Filters Added to Customizable Reports
Users can implement filters in customizable reports, allowing users to organize and sort data more efficiently so it is easier to understand and  analyze. Users can focus on the report data that is important and relevant to them. 

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Snap to Geometry Added to Easy Marking
New feature in Easy Marking allows users to easily select the exact points they wish on the perimeter or internals of pieces to perform functions such as manual split, bump lines, or measure. 

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Extend Line Function Added in PDS
New function that easily extends a line in PDS. Eliminate manual placement for internals. Extend automatically meets the defined perimeter or internal intersection. 

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User Configurable Icon Menu in Easy Marking
Users can now choose between 3 different views of the piece icon menu, allowing users to control their Easy Marking workspace display. 

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Barcodes/QR Codes Available on Digital Print Marker Header
Users can easily identify critical marker information for production in the marker header when the marker is digitally printed.

Clip by Piece Option Added to Clip Line Function
Automatically clip all internal lines to a piece perimeter. Eliminates the need for duplicate selection and reduces mouse clicks. 

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Move & Scale Pieces in Pre-Simulation
Improvements have been made to the pre-simulation setup using move and scale pieces. The users can now move pieces freely in 3D without the need to adjust cylinders, as well as, temporarily scale pieces that are too large and tricky to set up for simulation. This improvement helps with simplifying and speeding up the pre-simulation setup and the overall user experience.

Export Simulation
Simulations can now be exported directly out of 3D PDS for post processing in other 3rd party rendering software or to share with other internal team members or external parties. The user can select to export simulations in all or selected colorways. This feature allows for efficient collaboration and sharing of 3D files.

Trim Images in 3D
The users can now add and edit trim images directly on a simulated garment in 3D PDS utilizing the new Image Library. This feature allows the users to easily visualize the desired placement of image on the garment and upon saving, the images will sync back to 2D pattern pieces.

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Colorways in 3D
The users can quickly and easily switch between defined colorways directly in 3D PDS on the simulated garment, seeing all the available colorways in real-time and exporting renders and simulations in their choice of colors directly from the same model.

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Improved Display of Visual Details
Improvements have been made to the Avatar window for better representation of images and trims. This improvement will allow displaying finer details at higher resolution when zoomed in and/or when rendered or exported.

Articulated Avatars
A new graded set of posing avatars with five end poses have been created and are available as part of the AccuMark 3D install. The new poses along with tension and pressure maps on these posed avatars are great tools for fit analysis.

Accessories in 3D
3D accessories such as buttons and buckles can now be added to a 3D simulated garment directly in 3D PDS. Adding 3-dimensional accessories adds realism to the simulated garment.

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Export Simulation to YuniquePLM
Exported simulations are now directly integrated and will get imported directly into YuniquePLM, creating a seamless workflow.


February 2020 - AccuNest

 Download the Full Release Notes

New Option to Maintain Pair Relationships
A new option for Pair Orientation will ensure AccuNest maintains the relationship of both pieces in a pair, so if allowed, both pieces in the pair can flip/rotate to achieve better utilization.

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February 2020 - AccuPlan

 Download the Full Release Notes

Fabric Inventory & Roll Allocation
NEW!! Fabric Inventory Table has been implemented! Embedded within the User Interface in the AccuPlan work space, users will be able to create a Fabric Roll Inventory database. The sophisticated cut planning algorithm will then provide cut plan solutions based on fabric roll availability and material properties such as width, weight, colors and shades, among others. The powerful set of algorithms will find the best fabric roll selection and allocate them to given work orders, providing optimal cut plan solutions. Its advanced browser set of tools will allow users to track down fabric roll status, such as fabric roll availability and whether the roll has been only assigned to cut jobs or actually cut.

Send Markers to AccuNest Directly from AccuPlan
More seamless integration! Users (especially those using Accuplan as standalone) are now able to bypass AccuMark Explorer and Batch and submit marker jobs directly to AccuNest. Both manually and automatically. Markers final status are automatically updated in AccuPlan to optimize fabric required and reserve fabric rolls faster. Huge time savings!

Costing and Production Permissions
If your company is sensitive to costing information visibility while still interested in using AccuPlan for costing reports and forecasting, wait no more. AccuPlan now offers the ability to manage user permissions. Only those users with authority to manage costing information will be able to read, edit and/or generate costing calculation and reports.

Reports Improvements: featuring QR Codes
In addition to barcodes, AccuPlan users can now generate QR codes and total amount of plotter paper required for a given work order. Users will also benefit with improved PDF format  layouts as well as the ability to share preferred custom settings across multiple users.

Cut Plan Solution Optimization
AccuPlan powerful auto cut plan algorithms keep on getting better, optimizing cut plan solutions that, while reducing number of markers, it also is flexible enough to adapt into multiple geographic locations and industry and product types.

Advanced Spread Plan
Users planning cut plans based on fabric rolls and (multiple) cutting tables availability, will benefit of a highly sophisticated spread plan, producing information that benefits fabric inventory database, cutting rooms and more.

V12.2 September 2019

 Download the Full Release Notes

Copy & Paste Between Work Areas in PDS
Users can copy a pattern(s) from one work area to another using customizable hotkeys. This new feature allows the user to quickly and easily compare or copy grade/annotations from one pattern to another without having to open the pattern in the second work area. 

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Enhanced Pattern Walking Function
Users can now change the walk direction of just the last selected segment when walking patterns which allows for more flexibility when walking. User can also disable the highlight of walking pieces to better distinguish between pattern pieces when walking.

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Digital Print - Apply Preview
Allows user to make changes to print image size and placement and preview on pattern without having to close the edit dialog box. User can make changes and instantly view the updates on pieces.

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Barcodes & QR Codes for Digital Prints
Users can now add barcodes and QR codes to seam allowances of digitally printed patterns. This new feature gives users a modern method of pattern tracking with digital printing.

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PDF Image Type Supported for Digital Printing
PDF image type can now be used for digital printing. This new feature supports spot colors of the PDF image to give users perfect representation of PDF image.

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Proportional Grading
We’ve added the ability to grade pieces proportionally using either linear or percentage values. Great new feature to help automate the grading process for companies that grade proportionally.

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Import Multiple Zip Files
We have added the ability to import several zip files at the same time using the Ctrl and Shift keys. This new feature provides time savings for users who import many zip files daily.

Double Notch Feature
Create double notches quickly and easily to differentiate parts and save time. Also added a feature to notch more than one pattern at a time!

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