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Seamlessly connect your data for accuracy and agility

Quickly generate and manage all the details in your product's workflow saving time and money. 

AccuPlan Production Planning

Improve your material utilization by up to 3%.

Manage spreads more efficiently with AccuPlan to enhance accuracy and improve productivity by merging multiple POs. Optimize your throughput and efficiency by maximizing ply count per spreads and bundle count by markers to achieve more fabric savings.

AccuPlan Up-to-Date Data

Keep your data up to date.

Share cut plan reports from AccuPlan enabling easy communication of the most up-to-date data on all your spread and cut solutions.

AccuMark Production Planning

Rapidly access and update marker files.

Use the power of Batch Processing in AccuMark to expedite and simplify production operations like nesting and cut file generation. Enabling you to get your designs into production quickly and optimizing material yield in the process. 

AccuNest Production Planning

More precise calculations.

Harness the power of computer processing for faster and more efficient nesting than can be achieved manually. AccuNest saves users time and money by automatically generating cost and production markers for rapid, precise material calculations giving you the power to create intelligently.

Integrated digital solution leads to a 30% increase in productivity.

Miguel Sousa Confeçcoes S.A. was seeking to develop innovative products of the highest quality using the latest technologies. Partnering with Gerber for over 19 years, Miguel Sousa Confeçcoes S.A. has integrated Gerber’s full suite of products from design through production.

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