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Agile Production Workflows in a Fully-Connected Solution

Gerber Technology offers a complete end-to-end textile manufacturing solution that allows you to go from design to production faster than ever before. Print digitally to keep up with consumer demands and offer greater design flexibility.

Reinventing Fashion eBook

eBook: Why Digital Transformation is Now More Critical Than Ever

In order to keep up in the new, fast-paced environment, fashion retailers and manufacturers need to get a complete understanding of what’s happening in the industry and what solutions are available for them. Download our eBook to learn all about the challenges the industry is facing and what you can do to stay competitive.

Fashion Product Lifecycle Management Software

Manage your design and production process with ease.

YuniquePLM® makes the complex simple by providing a single version of the truth. Navigate through color palettes and images to pursue and manage your design process and integrate with the tools you already use.

Create patterns effortlessly.

Enhance AccuMark® patterns with fabric, trim, edge finish and label images. Original art, pattern or image designs to be printed on the garment are imported directly into AccuMark as standard image files (JPG, BMP, and PNG), and then placed, positioned and cropped in a pattern or in nested patterns.

Validate image placement.

Use pattern-making tools to validate patterns prior to print and sew. With the ability to walk your designs in AccuMark, you can reduce the amount of samples needed, saving you time and money.

Grade to perfection.

Seamlessly move and scale images for the perfect placement in a graded nest. AccuMark reduces the amount of samples needed to approve image placement, saving you time and money.

Customization tools tailored to your needs.

Our newly redesigned version of AccuMark Made-to-Measure is more efficient than ever. As the only software tool with true automation, AccuMark MTM is more intuitive and user friendly than previous versions, making the made-to-measure process faster and more precise than ever. Whether it’s style options, fabric choices, or custom fit, MTM can help to automate your personalization process.

Maximize production.

Efficiently place pieces to optimize fabric usage and generate PDF print files. Quickly substitute images to generate print files from one model rather than multiple, allowing you to increase productivity.

Digital Printing: Enabling rapid custom textile production.

Gerber has also made digital printing easier than ever by facilitating more creative options, faster sampling, and lower production costs. The strong growth trend in digital textile printing can be accelerated by Gerber’s integrated eco-system of software and automated cutting systems, delivering value through connectivity and achieving Industry 4.0 expectations from concept to finished product.

Vision-enabled capability for seamless automation.

The GERBERcutter Z1’s versatility allows for the integration of state-of-the-art vision technologies that empower automation and create a new level of efficiency in on-demand and mass customization workflows. The AutoMatch™ system provides manufacturers an automated stripe and plaid matching solution. And ContourVision™ is a scan-to-cut system that allows printed fabric and other textiles to be cut with an automatically generated cut file.

Bring finished garments to market in about an hour.

Move from design to print, cut and sew faster than ever within Gerber Technology’s fully-connected microfactory, currently on display in our New York City Innovation Center. Through our digital factory-of-the-future, you can conceptualize your vibrant designs using Gerber’s industry-leading software, then watch your designs come to life through the magic of digital printing and automated cutting. With production-ready pattern pieces, you can have your fully finished and sewn garment in-hand in 60 minutes.

50 years of industry-leading expertise, tailored just for you.

Gerber Technology has been at the forefront of soft-goods and apparel manufacturing for 50+ years. Our team of international consultants is comprised of industry experts who have first-hand experience in all aspects of textile, soft-goods and apparel manufacturing. We offer services to ensure you’re effectively utilizing your Gerber solutions to their full potential to keep you both productive and competitive.

Visit our Innovation Center
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Want to see the microfactory in action? Let us show you how you can transform your business and maximize your potential with the next generation of production technology. Complete this form to schedule a visit to our Innovation Center in New York City.

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