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Solutions to empower an on-demand workflow

Gerber's Digital Solution offers a complete solution to help you print digitally, to keep up with the demands of the consumer and offer greater design flexibility.

Digital Printing Provides Limitless Design Possibilities

Digital printing is expected to have an average annual growth rate of 26%, and output of digitally printed textiles is projected to surpass that of traditional silkscreen-printed textiles within the next three years. The key benefits of digital printing offers more creative options, faster sampling and lower production costs. 

The AccuMark Platform uniquely addresses on-demand workflows.

Create patterns with ease.

Enhance AccuMark® patterns with fabric, trim, edge finish and label images. Original art, pattern or image designs to be printed on the garment are imported directly into AccuMark as standard image files (JPG, BMP, and PNG), and then placed, positioned and cropped in a pattern or in nested patterns.


Validate image placement.

Use pattern-making tools to validate patterns prior to print and sew. With the ability to walk your designs in AccuMark, you can reduce the amount of samples needed, saving you time and money.


Grade to perfection.

Drag and drop images onto patterns and seamlessly move and scale them for the perfect placement in a graded nest. 


Maximize production.

Efficiently place pieces to optimize fabric usage and generate PDF print files. Quickly substitute images to generate print files from one model rather than multiple, allowing you to increase productivity.

Scan markers to cut more accurately.

Scanning captures an image of the custom-printed marker and cutting begins immediately. Utilize notch types in digital print files so pieces are accurately sewn, avoiding error.


Manage your design and production process with ease.

YuniquePLM® makes the complex simple by providing a single version of the truth. Navigate through color palettes and images to pursue and manage your design process and integrate with the tools you already use.


Customization at your fingertips.

Gerber's FashionTech Platform 1.0 offers a complete suite of technology that includes an ecommerce platform and all the software and manufacturing solutions needed to redefine just-in-time manufacturing. Eliminate costly inventory and adjust production as demands fluctuate – allowing products to be produced more efficiently and sold at full retail price without heavy discounting.  

The only limitation is your imagination.

In collaboration with Kornit Digital, we were able to bring our one-of-a-kind design to life. This t-shirt was designed using our digital solutions, printed with the Kornit Allegro digital printer, and cut with our GERBERcutter® Z1.

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