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A fully integrated suite of software products to take you from design to completion accurately.


Design to production with ease.

Ultimate in pattern design, marker making, and production planning.


3D technology for a better fit.

Go from 2D to 3D with seamless integration and accurate fit.


Nesting with dramatic results.

Analyze multiple nesting solutions to deliver optimal results.

Spread and Cut Planning

Spread and cut planning with ease.

Boosts production efficiencies and bottom line performance.

Self-Service License Management System

Access your software anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re at home or in the office, our central, self-service license management system makes it easy to remain productive no matter where you are. With our new user licensing service, there’s no USB keys, license files or serial numbers. You can self-serve and self-manage your licensing by simply logging in with your email.

Easy to use and ready for production.

Seamlessly pass data from one software solution to the other accurately and efficiently, providing validation of your designs and patterns to ensure the right fit.

AccuMark 3D Denim Dress

2D to 3D to production. Done.

The AccuMark Platform allows you to visualize your design, create accurate patterns and optimize your markers with a suite of software solutions that seamlessly connects data. 

Gerber Remote Support

Get the support you need to succeed.

We understand that every business is at a different point in their digital journey which is why we offer consulting and training to help you successfully implement the AccuMark Platform into your workflow. Our dedicated team of experts will walk you through the implementation and provide advice to help you streamline your workflow.

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