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The right fit the first time

Gerber’s AccuMark Made-to-Measure system helps custom clothing manufacturers deliver the perfect fit in record time.

AccuMark MTM True Automation

The only software solution with true automation.

AccuMark Made-to-Measure offers a suite of advanced automation solutions, from pattern modification through advanced rule-based specifications and order creation.

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Create Custom Garments with AccuMark Made-to-Measure

Create custom garments faster.

Generate patterns with measurements from any source, from traditional tape measures to high-tech body scanners.

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AccuMark MTM Utilize Sources

Utilize more sources.

AccuMark Made-to-Measure handles input from diverse sources, from mainframe computers to web pages, automatically generating and exporting cut data.

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Increase Product with AccuMark MTM

Increase production efficiency.

Integrating with Gerber’s AccuNest automated marker system, AccuMark Made-to-Measure generates markers automatically, maximizing productivity and material utilization.

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