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Finally a 3D Solution for Everyone

Designs are only limited by your imagination with AccuMark 3D.

AccuMark 3D Validate Idea G-Star Jacket

Validate your ideas early to create quickly.

Through our technology partnership with Virtuality.Fashion, you can validate your ideas with photo realistic images to decide which styles you want to advance to technical design and sampling. AccuMark 3D helps you to create and validate faster than ever before.

AccuMark 3D Validate Pattern

Validate your patterns and reduce physical samples.

Move from concept to pattern validation and production readiness by tranferring data seamlessly between AccuMark 2D to 3D, to make concepts a reality with true-to-life virtual simulation. Get creative with different fabrics, silhouettes and prints. Adapt patterns based on fabric characteristics and sew your 2D patterns virtually. So you can create virtually, adjust quickly and move straight to production ready markers all with AccuMark.

Validate Fit with AccuMark 3D

Validate fit to improve online conversion.

The AccuMark Platform provides the fuel for Avametric's industry leading web-based virtual try-on application. The virtual fit shown is based upon AccuMark 2D production pattern data. So when your consumers select their body type, select a garment and try it on virtually in different sizes they can trust the virtual fit they see will match the actual fit they'll experience. The photorealistic simulations give your consumers the confidence leading to considerably higher conversion rates.

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