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A 3D Software Solution is a Perfect Fit For Your Supply Chain

According to Mintel, 81% of consumers who buy clothes that fit right are much more likely to buy from that brand again. However, with $642.6 billion worth of merchandise returned annually, it’s clear that the fashion and apparel industry is having a difficult time perfecting fit. What has built the brands with staying power like Ralph Lauren for example, is their ability to design great products, using great fabric, and always having a consistent fit. 

One size doesn’t fit all

Discrepancies among sizes across the fashion industry make finding the right fit difficult for consumers. A size large in one brand might be a medium in another, which is frustrating for the consumer when trying to buy clothing online and often results in a return. 

Brands, retailers, and manufacturers are trying to find ways to fix the “fit” issue plaguing the fashion and apparel industry, but it is not an easy task. Attempting to perfect fit without the right tools can be costly and time consuming, without any guarantee that the fit of the garment will be improved at all. 

Take control of fit with virtual sampling

In order to tackle the “fit” problem, designers need to be able to trust that what they see on the screen is an accurate representation of what the final product will look like. The industry needs to find a way to create more accurate samples without drastically increasing costs. 

To improve fit, companies need to utilize a 3D software solution that allows them to validate the fit of the garment. Implementing a 3D solution can drastically improve fit through seamless integration with a 2D pattern design software that provides the fuel to create true-to-life virtual samples. 

When seamlessly integrated with a 2D pattern design software, such as AccuMark®, a 3D solution can drastically help improve fit. 2D to 3D integration allows data to easily be passed to the 3D software, creating a virtual sample. 

The highly realistic rendering serves as more than just a pretty picture. It helps validate fit. The virtual sample on-screen is more accurate than a physical sample. The precise data received from the pattern design software ensures that the fit of the garment on the screen matches the final product.   

Virtual sampling helps brands, retailers, and manufacturers increase their speed while reducing costs associated with physical samples. In some cases, those who utilize a 3D virtual sample can have time savings of up to 50% and save 70% in costs. Implementing a 3D software solution can give brands the speed and agility they need in order to meet today’s market demands.

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