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It’s no secret that consumers have become increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical impact of their clothing. In fact, 69% say they would like to know how their clothes are manufactured and 74% believe fashion brands should publish the factories they use for manufacturing. When it comes to transparency and traceability, many fashion companies are still struggling.

To help our customers rise to future challenges, Lectra has joined forces with recognized industry player Gerber Technology to create a world-leading advanced technology partner with unprecedented global reach and operating presence.

Recently, the key areas of focus for technology adoption have been in the areas of PLM, 3D technology and e-commerce. Over the last several years, many companies have realized the importance of technology in order to collaborate remotely, make faster decisions and shorten time to consumers, but Covid-19 has greatly accelerated the need for adoption. But, are companies actually implementing these technologies so that they’re effective?

Today, Gerber Technology announced new releases of their key software solutions, AccuMark® 2D and 3D, AccuPlan™, AccuNest™ and YuniquePLM®. Gerber has worked closely with their customers on each of these new releases to ensure fashion and apparel companies have the support they need to recover from the global pandemic and transform their business to meet the challenges ahead for 2021.

Even almost a year into the global crises, brick and mortar stores are being pressured to remain closed or operate at limited capacity. For consumers, this means they’re unable to try clothes on before purchasing, resulting in a high level of returns. Concomitantly people are working from home and their needs in terms of clothing has completely changed. With so many changes and a large amount of unpredictability, mass production is not the go to model anymore. Fashion and apparel companies need to transition to a direct to consumer model that will allow them to produce what the customer buys at the speed and agility they need.

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