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Coming Soon: Gerber University Subscription Passes

As technology evolves, so is the way people consume online content. Online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have taken the subscription approach to a whole new level; and in so doing, created a brand-new standard for the way we expect to access content online -- pay a fee, and you have unlimited access to a product for a given period of time. 

Gerber Technology is now adopting the same approach, and we are pleased to introduce a new subscription service for users to access Gerber University. With access to unlimited content, users are able to access learning and training virtually; whenever, wherever and as many times as they please. This gives users the freedom to learn with ease and flexibility.

Learn Conveniently & Easily Online with Gerber University Subscription Passes

New and exciting changes are coming to our online learning platform, Gerber University. In addition to a new and improved platform being released at this year's ideation conference in NYC, we are also making learning more convenient and cost-effective with our new online Gerber University Subscription Passes coming soon.

What's Coming:

  • Pay once, learn all you want! No more buying and expensing individual online classes
  • Unlimited online access means you can learn all you want, when you want
  • You can choose a subscription level that fits your needs

Here's how it will work

  1. Purchase the pass type that's right for you. You can choose different subscription term lengths and access levels based on your needs
  2. After purchase, the Gerber University team will grant you access to the new online platform 
  3. Once you're in the new platform, you can take as many online classes as you like for as long as your subscription is valid!

Streaming platforms have changed the way we consume content online, and GerberU will operate like other subscription platforms you utilize. When your subscription expires, you can renew for uninterrupted learning.

New pass types include:

  • Basic: on demand, self-paced learning
  • Plus: on demand, as well as live, virtual instructor led training
  • Super: all of the above, plus live, instructor led *bonus classes* tailored to your needs and interests!

Subscription lengths are 6 months or 1 year. Not sure if you're ready to make a commitment? You can also purchase a one-month trial. With the launch of the new GerberU, purchasing individual online classes will no longer be an option.

When will these changes take place? 

Look for more announcements close to ideation Oct 23 - 25 2019 in NYC.

Our new platform

Our new Gerber University platform will be powered by Adobe Captivate Prime. The new platform features a modern and user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, easy certification options, easy-to-use learning plans and programs, as well as badges & levels. And of course, it's mobile friendly, which means you can access training on your tablet or phone. 

Curious about in-person, classroom training? We can do that, too! 

Questions? Email us! This blog post was authored by Michael Cooksey and Katie Kreider.

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