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What Challenges Can We Help You Solve This Year?

Fact: Approximately 7,000 litres of water are needed to produce one pair of jeans (the amount of water one individual drinks in 5-6 years).

While sustainability is a big problem many of our customers face, it is just one among many serious challenges industries face today. So, how do we begin to address these issues or find solutions together? That’s where the Gerber Technology blog comes in.

In this new blog series, we plan on offering engaging thought leadership and solutions addressing both the challenges and goals customers are facing in the industries we serve. We’ll be showcasing the best and brightest leaders and innovators to give you a starting point in tackling your own roadblocks in your organization.

Additionally, we’ll be featuring YOUR voice! We understand the power of the customer’s voice, and want to provide you with a platform to share your own experiences and have your say. We’ll be featuring Gerber Technology customers from all corners of the world who are eager to share their own thoughts, experiences, and solutions for the challenges we all share.

We’ll be kicking off our blog series next week with more on the topic of sustainability, but that’s not all we plan on discussing. Competition, time-to-market, fast fashion, digitalization and rising costs are just a few of the topics we plan to cover. But, we want to hear from you -- what other topics would you like to see featured on our blog? And, who are your favorite innovators and disruptors? Let us know, so we can tailor our content to meet your needs.

-- Michael Cooksey, Gerber Technology’s Online Community Programs Manager

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