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Innovation Is Not Just Another Buzzword

"Innovation" has been a buzz word for as long as I have been in the Textile CAD industry. Universally, it can be a company’s search for sustainability, cost savings, faster production or shorter time to market. Innovation affects a company’s bottom line, public perception, as well as the overall quality of their product.

Developing CAD software has dropped Pointcarre right in the middle of that equation. We are constantly approached by clients looking to push the envelope and do better in many ways. Innovation is viewed as ways to make their product more attractive to their customer and gain new customers, but at the same time to make a positive impact on the world. Pointcarre allows clients to discover new ways to produce their product with fewer chemicals, better uses, and develop new ways to knit, weave and digital print their product. Pointcarre's most recent innovation has come in the form of digital printing -- this alone can save millions of gallons of water from traditional printing processes. Smart Tailoring, another innovation, is a new term for just weaving, knitting or printing only what’s needed for the specific individual garment. Pointcarre's seamless integration with YuniquePLM makes that process even easier. 


An example of Pointcarre's Color Separation Technology (image © Pointcarre)

The latest innovation over the past few years we have had clients ask about is producing tech infused wearables for measuring body metrics. There have been heated garments on the market for many years now, but how can we make them more efficient and less costly at the same time making them more personally useful. One of the first “modern” uses of this thought was to add USB charging ports with solar panels on the garments. But taking it to the next level, these same principles are being used within a garment to monitor a wearers “vitals” and send that information to you or your doctor's cell phone. The simple task of directly monitoring a persons breathing rate, heart rate or blood pressure. It’s unlimited to think of how this can further push the boundaries of garment usage. 


Wearable tech can be smartwatches, or incorporated in garments you wear

Pointcarre plans to further push innovation in our industry but continuing to partner with companies like Gerber who are leaders in the industry. We plan on adding more digital printing tools that will further clients' ability to pre-check their artwork before actual production, and we recently added the color library from CSI for digital colors and we are adding new features to speed the steps towards production.

-- Steve Greenberg is President of Pointcarre North America.

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