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Manfred Göbel has spent his entire career working in the premium segment of men's clothing and made-to-measure clothing as a pattern maker. In this blog, Manfred shares the special role AccuMark has played in his career to date in a unique “niche” market now seeing increased demand: perfecting the fit.

The value for integrating high tech digital solutions in the workforce development education space has compounded growth potential. It provides the needed foundation to support the development of fashion ecosystem that needs a high return on newly trained labor force in terms of:

  •       Skilled output for local manufacturers
  •       Gainful Workforce Opportunities in a rapidly growing metroplex
  •       Scalable Business for designers and manufacturers

At the Austin Community College Fashion Incubator, we have partnered with the City of Austin and Gerber Technology to provide rigorous training on the full digital solutions package that includes AccuMark 2D, AccuMark 3D, YuniquePLM, and Gerber CutWorks for the Z1 Cutter – the automated flatbed single-ply cutter.  The full solution has provided an incredible opportunity to meet the need of students, local designers, and local industry to make them competitive on the world stage. This is a robust solution for a robust challenge.

The Oscars are this Sunday, and perhaps you’re already rehearsing your own fantasy Oscar acceptance speech and imagining who you would thank if you won an award? In this Oscar themed “Meet the Gerber Team” blog series, we’ve been introducing you to people who are perhaps a little bit closer to the Academy Awards than you or I.

Last week, we introduced you to voting Academy member and Gerber team member Scott Frankel, and earlier this week, we introduced you to an Academy Award winner who also happens to be a Gerber employee as well, Zoran Kacic-Alesic.

In our final Oscar themed “Meet the Gerber Team” blog entry, we’d like to introduce you to James O’Brien, another Academy Award winner and member of Gerber’s Avametric team!

James is Chief Scientist at Avametric, a San Francisco-based company recently acquired by Gerber. Avametric team members are a team of fashion vets, engineering gurus, technology-obsessed scientists, savvy investors and visual effects experts who are shaping the future of #FashionTech. Check out our Q&A with James, below!

The Oscars are fast approaching, and while we don’t often have the pleasure of introducing you to Academy Award winners, today, we do! Zoran Kacic-Alesic won the Scientific and Engineering award from AMPAS, otherwise known as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Scientific and Engineering Award is given for achievements that produce a definite influence on the advancement of the motion picture industry.

Zoran is Director of R&D and part of the Avametric team, a San Francisco-based company recently acquired by Gerber Technology. Avametric team members are a team of fashion vets, engineering gurus, technology-obsessed scientists, savvy investors and visual effects experts who are shaping the future of #FashionTech. Check out our Q&A with Zoran!


With the rapidly increasing requirement for custom furniture or on-demand fabrication, manual processes are no longer enough to enable profitable production.  The biggest disadvantages of legacy furniture design processes are:

  •    The time it takes to create and iterate on the design.
  •    The need to almost re-start the entire process to address even the smallest change.
  •    The excessive lead time and cost associated with any type of “personalized” product.

The transition to 3D design processes, especially the use of integrated 3D to 2D Flattening software coupled with automated textile printing, cutting and assembly practices can have a tremendous impact on production cycle time, and profitability.

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