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Elevate your design, development, and production process

For the best in product design and planning, the world’s leading companies all depend on AccuMark.

AccuMark Pattern Design Software

What’s New in AccuMark

The furniture industry has gone through a digital revolution and AccuMark February 2021 will offer the automation, integration and efficiency you need to keep up with the changing demands. The newest version of AccuMark includes a more powerful integration with Adobe Illustrator, improved communication with your ERP system, User Licensing to make it easy to download software and manage your software licenses, and more accessible online support. 

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Reduce development time.

This innovative pattern design and marker making software increases productivity and accelerates time to market. Through seamless integration, you can send files to AccuNest directly from Easy Marking for a streamlined process.

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Create Markers, Plot and Cut Data with AccuMark

Increase throughput.

Use batch processing tools to automatically create markers, plot and cut data, ensuring accuracy and avoiding repetition. Sort orders A-Z or Z-A to avoid data entry errors that could slow down your process.

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Analyze Available Fabric and Generate Efficient Yields with AccuMark

Maximize efficiency.

Analyze available fabric and generate the most efficient yields. Generate costing markers in multiple widths right in PDS. Link images from outside of AccuMark, allowing you to manage all assets in one directory.

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Analyze Available Fabric and Generate Efficient Yields with AccuMark

Personalize your pieces with colorways and digital printing.

Colorways are supported with Batch Image to offer more personalization options than ever before. Improve the digital printing process with the option for labels to extend piece geometry, allowing you to maintain correct digital print parameters and improve material utilization.

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AccuMark's Stripe and Plaid Matching Functionality

Accelerate your workflow and increase agility.

Work faster and more accurately with AccuMark’s sophisticated stripe and plaid matching functionality. Leverage Help Resources to quickly find exactly what you need without slowing down production.

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Our software bundles are designed to get you started quickly and easily with no upfront cost.




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