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Save time and money with intuitive planning software

AccuPlan leverages marker libraries and databases, automating your marking and spreading planning process.

Track Multiple Orders with AccuPlan

Cut with confidence and precision.

Optimize cutting by generating sophisticated spread and cut plans based on fabric rolls and cutting tables availability. Plan multiple cut work orders together with a powerful production tracker. Track orders from the CAD department through the cutting room with sophisticated digital cut tickets and barcodes.

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Increase accuracy and decrease costs.

AccuPlan’s automation allows users to adjust work order needs and more accurately understand inventory, cutting material waste and part nesting instructions.

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Calculate Material Needs with AccuPlan

Easily manage material needs.

Automatically calculate the required materials and the amount of fabric needed. Get accurate fabric consumption results with Fabric Roll Inventory and Allocation.

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The implementation of Gerber’s AccuPlan software enabled Acorfato to analyze material consumptions that would be needed to produce a specific order which supported stock management, eliminated cutting errors, and supported the company’s commercial policy.

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