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Use smart pattern-making technology to create patterns faster

The world’s leading companies all depend on AccuMark for the best in design, development, and marker making software.

What's new in AccuMark

With a seamless process, anything is possible! The latest version of AccuMark offers several new features that will streamline design. With AccuMark you can now consolidate fabric colorway data into one model, easily update artwork changes across multiple models, and quickly identify marker information for digital printing, allowing for a truly efficient process.

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Enhance communication with colorways.

Easily update and adapt to production changes by assigning different fabric colorways to one model, allowing you to provide clear visual instructions to the factory.

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AccuMark handles grading with ease

Handle grading with ease.

Use multi-dimensional grading is an easier alternative to alterations. Assign up to 4-grade rule tables to pieces to handle grade complexities such as length options, waist drops, and inseam options. Proportional grading allows pieces to be graded proportionally to further automate the grading process, especially for intimate apparel and swimwear.

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Streamline your creativity.

AccuMark Image Edition is now far more powerful with the addition of 3D! Get creative with graphic design placements with seamlessly connected 3D and see them automatically reflected on the 2D flat pattern for a truly streamlined design process. Add 3D accessories for a higher sense of realism. Export images and turntables for easy sharing among team members and partners.

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Reduce development time with AccuMark

Reduce development time.

Spend less time making changes with enhanced wizard functionality. Make repetitive changes in a fraction of the time by programming macros for repetitive pattern-making tasks in PDS.

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Increase throughput with Accumark February 2020

Increase throughput.

Use batch processing tools in AccuMark to automatically create markers, plot, and cut data, ensuring accuracy and avoiding repetition.

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Maximize efficiency with AccuMark February 2020

Maximize efficiency.

Generate costing markers in multiple widths right in AccuMark PDS allowing you to analyze available fabric and create the most efficient yields. Copy and paste patterns from one work area to another, allowing you to easily compare grade, annotations, or piece shapes.

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Easily bring your designs to life with digital printing.

Industry-leading image functionality within AccuMark allows placement, grading, and substitution of images on patterns for infinite image combinations. PDF image capabilities within AccuMark make digital printing simple by providing users a perfect representation of the image with spot color support. 

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