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Turn your ideas into ready-for-production virtual renderings.

The enhanced design capabilities of AccuMark 3D elevate sample creation with less wasted time.

What's New in AccuMark 3D

In the latest version of AccuMark 3D, we’ve added several new features to improve the quality of the virtual rendering, empowering you to develop production-ready garments. We’ve also added powerful integrations with the Alvanon Body Platform and YKK to improve the fit and visual sampling of the garment. AccuMark 3D also has direct integration with PLM material databases for better support of 3D material attributes.

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Seamless Integration with AccuMark

Seamless integration.

Build realistic virtual renderings directly from 2D pattern data. Markup changes directly on the simulation, and create style updates in 2D and watch them quickly come to life in a single click.

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The best fit in less time.

Perfect fit for your entire size range with a variety of avatars and poses. Through seamless integration with the Alvanon Body Platform, you can access and import your virtual samples to ensure correct fit. Create markup lines and draw on simulations for pattern adjustments.

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Make better decisions.

Leverage high quality, 3D renderings to make smart business decisions. Experiment with different lengths, colors and fabric options before producing a physical sample, saving you valuable time and money.

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Streamline your creativity.

Get creative with graphic design placements in 3D and see them automatically reflected on the 2D flat pattern for a truly streamlined design process. Add 3D accessories, such as YKK zippers, and leverage the YuniquePLM Material Database for a higher sense of realism. Export images and turntables for easy sharing among team members and partners.

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Better Collaboration with AccuMark 3D

Improve communication.

Save simulations, export images and 360-degree turntable to easily share with partners and team members.

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