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Digitize your hard pattern pieces with a high-quality digital camera

AccuScan converts hard patterns to digital for your use in Gerber’s AccuMark system. 

Turn Hard Patterns into Digital Patterns with AccuScan

Start fast and work fast.

Integrate AccuScan with AccuMark to quickly turn hard patterns to digital patterns, giving you the scanning and editing benefits you want without forcing a revamp of your entire system.

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Efficient Yields with AccuScan

No experience necessary.

Even users with minimal computer experience can operate AccuScan with ease, automatically detecting every feature within the fabric’s perimeter and determining the most efficient yields.

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Digitize Your Patterns Quickly with AccuScan

Handle multiple patterns simultaneously.

AccuScan grants users the ability to digitize multiple patterns simultaneously. Starting from virtually any physical source, your patterns can be digitized significantly faster with AccuScan than manually.

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